Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jenny Philips and Scuba Diving?

I was rummaging through some of my in-laws music here at the house, in hopes of finding something fun to learn, and I came across this music by Jenny Phillips. I've heard some of her songs before and thought they were so good. I especially love the words she uses in this song...

Every Breath

His hands are catching your tears
And even without any words He hears
You feel so far, but He's right where you are and He knows
Every Breath, every pain
He knows your heart and He knows your name
The giver of life, the light in your soul
Oh come home, come rest, let Him bless
Your every breath
Silence your voice and be still
And even without any words you will feel
You think you're far, but He lives in your heart and He knows
Every breath, every pain
He knows your heart and He knows your name
The giver of life, the light in your soul
Oh come home, come rest, let him bless
Your every breath
There's nowhere you can go
That He hasn't been below
Every breath, every pain
He knows your heart and He knows your name
The giver of life, the light in your soul
Oh come home, come rest, let Him bless
Your every breath

I was laying by emyri the other night singing this song to her as she was falling asleep and it hit me just how much I wanted her to know that the things in that song were true for her, that He lives in her heart, knows her name, is so close, and loves her with all that He is. I hope that if Chad and I don't get anything else right when it comes to parenting our kids that at least we will leave them with a sure knowledge, nothing doubting, that they are Gods children and He loves them perfectly and He is right there no matter what.

Anyway, things have been going good. I worked at the Red Baron yesterday, the drive in restaraunt that kel wrote about in her blog earlier. I didn't spill anybody's drinks down the side of there car, or misinterpret any foriegner's order (*see kel's blog), but I did flip some guys change up in his face and all over the ground (must have been an arm spasm or something), and I got attacked by a giant killer moth, seriously this thing was as big as a well fed humming bird not joke. It came out of nowhere, rearing it's ugly head and flapping into the window that I was trying to grap someone's order out of ( I work outside as a car hop). It was seriously wigging me out and I'm sure all of the people sitting in their cars were enjoying the free entertainment as I was trying to dodge the hairy little beast. Fortunately my boss came to my rescue with a huge fly swatter. We were just hoping that no giant hairy moth rights activists were outside watching: ) My boss said that those kinds of moths can actually sting you...who'd a thunk. I'm just glad it's dead.

Well we're headed out to yet another family reunion tomorrow in Heber City. It's at this cool place with a swimming pool and lot's of fun stuff to do so we're pretty excited about it. Chad's even gets to go scuba diving there. He just got certified this last semester. I've known Chad for how long (long time) and I never ever knew he was interested in scuba diving at all, but he heard about this class on campus where you could get certified and it was all he could talk about. It was like this long lost dreams
suddenly surfaced and seriously he was like a little boy at Christmas time. It cost us a little bit, and when I say little bit I mean quite a bit, for him to take the class and get certified but it's been worth it seeing how excited he is about it. Really though, if you brought up the subject he could talk you ear off, so it's good: ) Now he wants me to get certified, but even though I'd like to think I'd be brave and it wouldn't affect me much, I'm really not sure how I'd do that far under water breathing through a mask. I don't know if I'd freak out or if I'd be fine. Maybe we'll see someday....who knows. Anyway life is great and emyri is cute (just thought I'd throw that in there). I better go check and see if she's up from her nap. love you all-

Monday, June 25, 2007

Here's the crew minus my oldest brother and his wife and of course my mom who is taking the picture. (I'm sure the weird look on my face is from trying to hold in a laugh over something Chad said or did: )

(I know this isn't the greatest picture of emyri and I, but I didn't have many to choose from. I need to take more pictures with her: )

Two weekends ago we got together with my family at Bear Lake. We rented this really fun and cute cabin and had a blast together. It really was such a great weekend. (That's what these pictures are from) One of the highlights of the weekend occurred when my grandma was telling everyone goodbye before she left. She's this cutest little grandma marge who says some of the funniest things and is always so happy. Well my little nephew Jaxton who is 5 said, "Bye Grandma!" as she was walking down the stairs. Grandma responded with a, "Goodbye Doll!" And Jaxton just looked at me with the most surprised look on his face and said in an astonished tone, "She called me Doll!" It was so cute the way he thought it was so funny that grandma had called him Doll. I died laughing...that may be one of those stories that you had to have been there or known the people to think it was funny, but just trust me on this one...: )

Then this last weekend we had a family reunion with all of Chad's dad's family. It was really fun and I got to meet a lot of the family that I had never met before. They all came up here from St. George and spent the weekend. The only bad thing was that one of Chad's cousins and her husband decided to take a four wheeler up this trail by Chad's house and they ended up rolling it. I'm not exactly sure if his cousin hit her head on a rock or if the fourwheeler landed on her head, but she ended up having some severe head trauma and was life flighted to Salt Lake that night. It all happened so fast and was pretty scary for a while. I felt so bad for their two little girls. The five year old kept crying every once in a while because she wanted her mom. They have a one and a half year old also. She was such a good sport but I'm sure she just wanted her mom after a while too. Chad's Uncle Deloyd would call every so often from the hospital and update us on how Kim was doing. Things were pretty uncertain for a while but she's doing a lot better now. She can understand what people are saying to her and isn't as confused anymore. She was also able to get up and walk around after a few days, but she's having a hard time talking and getting her words out. We just hope she'll be able to get back to herself soon. It's sometimes scary how uncertain and fragile life is but as I was thinking about it the night of her accident I kept thinking that Heavenly Father really is in control. Our lives are in His hands and to me that was the most comforting thing.

Anyway life is good and things are going great. I actually worked out this morning and it felt good: )

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Well, it's been a crazy busy couple of weeks and despite the fact that I started blogging with full intentions of posting frequently I haven't posted in bad. But at least since the last two weeks have been jam packed with nonstop action I won't be lacking for things to write about. So our adventures began around the first of June when we headed to Lake Mead with our friends the Onkeses. It was a way fun vacation and Emyri was such a good sport. The drive took forever, about 10 hours, but emyri slept most of the time. So that was good, but I really started to think this taking a ten month old to the lake was a bad idea when we first got there and it was so hot you just wanted to strip down and jump in the water, seriously though I don't know if I've ever been in that hot of weather, but everything turned out great. We lathered emers in sunscreen at least four times a day, gave her tons to drink, made a shady spot for her to take naps with beach towels, and would spray her periodically with a spray bottle to cool her off. I was so proud of her. Everybody there kept saying how good of a baby she was. They were worried when they heard that we were bringing our baby, but seriously I think Heavenly Father blessed Emyri to be alright and even have some fun too, so it was great.

One of the neatest things about our trip was watching the Onkeses together and realizing how neat of a family they are. Chad and I learned a lot from being around them. They are some of the kindest and most fun people I've ever met. And they love to just be with each other. I loved watching them interact and laugh and talk together. One of the days was too windy on the lake so we ended up all going to Las Vegas together. We just hung out and went to all of the free things we could find. One place we went was to this huge fish aquarium with tropical fish. I learned so much about finding the amazing in the simpleness of life and about how a parent can make even the most simple thing be such a neat experience for a whole family. When we first saw the aquarium I just quickly glanced at it and thought that's pretty neat, okay what's next, but the Onkeses all sat down on a bench that was right next to the glass of the aquarium and started pointing out all of the cool things they saw. We ended up staying there for about an hour, but it was so much fun. Everyone kept pointing out cool things and saying how neat it all was. At one point Ron, their dad, turned to Mason their youngest son and said, "Isn't this so amazing Mas?" Mason just couldn't stop smiling. Chad and I talked about it later and decided we wanted to be the kind of parent who help our children discover the joy and amazement in the little and simple things in life. Life is always exciting for them because they find awe in it all. I'm glad I was able to be taught that little lesson. Chad and I also learned that making memories with your family is always worth it and will be the things you remember and talk about all your life.
Well anyway we stayed about five days then headed home. As soon as we got back to SV on Thursday night we went straight to bed then woke up Friday morning and headed over to the Jr. High track to help Chad's mom set up for the Relay For Life Cancer Walk. Chad's grandma died of breast cancer and his cousin Kory died of cancer at age 17 so a few years ago his mom started a team to raise money for cancer research and participate in the Relay For Life. The cool thing about Chad's mom is that she puts 110% into everything she does and she always makes things extra fun. Our team dressed up like pirates and sold plastic swords, eye patches, pirate balloons, candy, hot chocolate, burritos, glow stick bracelets, and other cool trinkets. Our whole team ended up raising about $5000 dollars. It was a neat event. Everybody's team takes turn walking around the track so that every team has a team member walking for a whole 24 hours. My mom watched emyri that night because it was so cold while we stayed and helped sell things and participate in the events they had going on. I even convinced Chad to enter in the Fear Factor competition and the best part is that....he won! He had to be one of the fastest at catching and eating a gold fish, had to put a puzzle together while being shocked by a shock collar, and then had to pull cheese off of a mouse trap without setting it off. I couldn't believe he was so fun to see him up there. We got a hundred bucks out of the whole deal too. It was great. That night we slept at my parents and then woke up early the next morning to head back to the Relay to take our turns walking from 8:00 to 10:00. The early morning walk was actually really peaceful and I was grateful for the time to think. The night before I actually found a lump in my armpit when I was getting ready for bed. It seemed so ironic that I'd find a lump the night of the cancer walk. Even though we weren't sure exactly what it was and it could be a number of things it really made both Chad and I think a lot. We fell asleep that night worried and holding each other. Chad was really close to his grandma and after she died of breast cancer while he was on his mission I think he's been so much more worried and cautious about cancer. He's always telling me to make sure and get my mammograms and says we should go in and get checked for cancer just in case. The next morning we didn't talk about it much but we both thought about it a lot. I couldn't stop thinking about it all day, and even though I was sick to my stomach with worry sometimes it was like a peaceful feeling encircled us both and our love for each other and for life was so much deeper. Chad's been trying so hard lately to remember to read his scriptures and be better with it was neat when the morning after finding the lump we woke up early and first thing Chad had us do was pray and read scriptures. Chad even said maybe Heavenly Father put that lump there to help him to change, because it really made him think about his life and what meant the most to him. (I love chad so much) Anyway, we decided that I'd go in first thing Monday morning and have it checked out. I wasn't able to get into my doctor until Wednesday. They had me do some blood work and they thought at first it was lymphatitis, an infection in my lymph node, but the blood work showed that everything was normal. The blood work apparently also would have shown if it was a tumor, so they think it's probably just an over sized lymph node. They just told me to watch it and if it gets any bigger to come back in. Even though this tiny lump was quite nerve racking for about a week, I'm grateful for the way it drew both chad and I closer to our Heavenly Father and closer to the spirit. It's funny how certain news can suddenly spin your world and really make you think, but also draw you so much closer to heaven.

(Anyway, jumping back to Saturday...sorry my thoughts are so random) After the Relay For Life ended at noon on Saturday we went home and showered and then headed to Rexburg to go to a going away party for some of our friends down there. It was tons of fun to see a lot of our friends from school and to hang out. I even found out that my good friend Ashely W. is having twins. I'm so excited for her. She had a miscarriage that was pretty hard for her this last January and it was neat to talk to her about it all. She said she just feels like she was supposed to have both babies in her home and that's why she is having twins. I'm so happy for her. Well we stayed the night there in our apartment then headed home early sunday morning to make it back in time for church. I sang in sacrament meeting with Chad's sister Kyrie (which is a big thing for me...I get really scared, but it turned out great and I was glad that I got the chance to overcome my fear a little more and sing in front of people) and then both chad and I taught lessons that day as well. After church Chad and I just sat down and took a breather. We'd been going non stop for so long that we were really grateful to have a little break. Even though it's been so busy, we've been so lucky to get to spend time together and with some of the people that we love most. Well, this is plenty long enough so I'm out for now. Hopefully I'll get to write again soon so I won't feel the need to catch up writing about everything. Life is amazing....
love vandi

p.s. Other Important news
*Emyri started officially walking on June 11th (it's so fun to see her wobble around)
*We're all registered for this upcoming semester (I'm doing a 20 hr. a week internship and we're both taking 14 credits and Chad's going to work part time....we're not sure how it's all going to work out...but somehow I guess it will: )
*My goal for this week is to organize our finances and our budget...a much needed thing: ) If anyone has any advice about how to best manage your finances I love to hear about it. thanks