Monday, September 24, 2007

He's My Best Friend

I got to write this for my building eternal marriage class, so I thought I might as well use it as a post as well: )

(that pic. was taken on our second year anniversary on top of "our mountain")

I first ran into Chad in the sixth grade when my best friend Mandy and I decided to go the movie together. The movie had started and we were sitting comfortably in our seats, when suddenly out of nowhere we noticed that kernels of popcorn were being hurled at our heads. We looked behind us to see a group of seventh grade boys trying to act unsuspicious. Among them, oddly enough, was my future husband, though I would have never guessed it in a million years. Though that was the first time I met Chad, our story didn't begin until a few years later down the road. The thing that means the most to both Chad and I and the thing that amazes us the most about our love story is looking back and seeing just how intricately and perfectly God's hand was a part of it all. We look back and see He was there every step of the way, even when we were so unsure at times. The timing of it all was both a hard thing to understand at times and yet was an incredible blessing and witness to Chad and I. Chad asked me to my first prom when I was sixteen years old. I couldn't believe that Chad Walker would ask me to prom. At this point in time in both of our lives we needed a change, we just didn't know Heavenly Father would bring it to us in such an amazing way. From about eighth grade up to my sophomore year I'd been struggling with some things at home that left me uncertain and confused about who I really was and about what love really was. By the time Chad asked me to prom despite my constant efforts to be at peace, I was in more pain than ever. Chad was also looking for a change that would bring him closer to his Heavenly Father. Our prom date was really fun and I was amazed at how easy it was to be around this hilarous, fun, and kinder than ever boy. We became instant friends and since both of our groups of friends were friends we'd get to see each other all the time. Chad said he could feel it from the beginning that he loved me, but it was harder for me to be convinced of my feelings. Much harder. I was unsure that two people so young could really feel true love, but looking back now, I feel otherwise. I also knew I didn't want and shouldn't want a steady boyfriend, but Chad was okay with that. That's what amazed me about him. He was okay with everything. Because of some of the turmoil I was feeling at the time, I'd push him away time and time again, but yet again, he was okay with that and he'd still stay by my side. As our friendship grew and grew not only was I able to see more clearly that what we had was good and real, but so much of the sadness I felt would disappear when I was with him. He could make me laugh harder than anyone I had ever met, and I guess I must have made him happy too, because no other boy would have stuck by my side that long. I knew he really cared about me and liked me for who I was because he never even tried to kiss me at all through highschool. We were content going on sunday bike rides, playing connect four and tetris, laughing our guts out, playing with our nieces and nephews, and whatever else sounded fun for the moment. Anywho, to try and make a five year long story a little bit shorter as both of us grew closer together we also grew so much closer to our Heavenly Father. It was feelings like that and many other little witnesses and miracles that let me know we had been led together so early for good reasons and that what we shared was something Heavenly Father was happy about. Needless to say, though it was a very long process, we both became that need and love and support and healing that each other needed more than we realized. We had our first kiss, and my very first kiss, two months before he left on his mission to Mexico, and that in itself is another funny yet super neat story. He left for Mexico while I finished up high school and headed off to Snow. I dated a lot and had fun, but nobody compared to Chad. No one made me as happy as he did. I realized I truly loved this boy about one year through his mission. He came home in January 2005, and it was as if we had never been apart. We got engaged two months later in March and were married May 27th, 2005 in the Bountiful temple. It was an amazing day. More amazing than either of us ever thought it'd be. Now we've been married for over two years and have loved every minute of it. Nobody ever told us that marriage could be so much fun. Now we have a little one year old girl named Emyri who is seriously the coolest little person we have ever met. We love her to death and life together is amazing!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Shout Out

As of two days ago I was certain that my somewhat measly little blog was only viewed by about four people, four way rad people however, but nevertheless probably only about four people. But Friday afternoon I got an unexpected call from my long lost roommate Ruth. As we were talking and catching up on things she told me that she was an avid fan of the vdub's blog. We had a great conversation cuz she's such an amazing girl.... (; ) it's true ruthio), but as I hung up the phone I was left to wonder just who else is out there finding enjoyment and satisfaction (hopefully: ) from my little musings. I came to the almost scary yet pleasing conclusion that One can never be quite sure who reads there blogs, someone across the country could have happened upon them and made checking it's contents a happy part of their daily routine. With that being said, I wanted to put something extra special attached to this post in hopes of making my little anonymous reader's (if I'm lucky enough to even have any of those) days just a little brighter: ) For all of you out there reading along.... I present the one and only hilarious Hyperactive boy!
The Quadruplets!
Little Superstar!
and Potter Puppet Pals (for all you potter fans)

*sorry you'll probably have to copy and paste those links in your web browser to get to the links....I'm a little blogging technologically deficient: ) enjoy!