Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Some Thoughts I've had Recently

Should I be more concerned that my nephew just pushed my daughter down the stairs? (It wasn't really that bad. It was only down the last three steps. But pretty much he was just curious as to what would happen if he were to give her a little nudge. It resulted in him being in some major trouble and asking emy if it would make her feel better if he took her to mcdonalds with them. She enjoyed her fries, but still flinches every time Jack gets a little too close.)

Did that seriously just happen? Did my baby just actually drink the remaining contents of the almost empty beer can she found in my step father in law's garbage? What the?!? Do I need to be concerned about what that may be doing to her body? What kind of mother am I considering I was right there typing on the computer not paying attention enough to notice my toddler was consuming alcohol? Needless to say after removing the booze from my child's paws I hurriedly looked up online whether or not I should be concerned, I removed emer's beer stained clothes, gave her a bath, and didn't mention a thing to anyone until Chad got home. Upon sheepishly telling him in private he burst out laughing and proceeded to relate the story to his entire family. I was embarrassed, but all things considered, it is a pretty hilarious story: )

(upon walking in the front door...) Sweet! He cleaned the house! He's the best!.....sniff, sniff,.......but what is that awful smell? (then entering the kitchen....) beans.....nasty, stinky beans. (I remember all over again why I dislike them so) But hey, the house looks great!

Why is it that whenever I start cooking dinner I end up cleaning the entire kitchen instead! It may lie in the fact that I like to do things that I know I can actually accomplish. It's hard to find satisfaction in something that I am so terrible at. I may be the worst cook in the midwest, maybe in the entire west.

Is cold cereal considered a decent enough meal?

I can't believe Chad won the photo contest!...and when I say"can't believe" it isn't referring to his photography ability....it's just that we really needed that 100 dollars right now. Once again...we are looked out for by someone so much greater than ourselves.

Pretty sick! How odd is it that a goat's milk tastes like a goat smells.....and for those of you who just haven't ever had the invigorating experience of taking a whif of a goat, let me just tell you....it's not pleasant.

(this was more of a conversation/string of thoughts) "No Jaxton (another nephew), you can't have a brownie for breakfast." (I open the cereal cupboard) "Why don't you have some cereal instead. Look, you can have some Captain Crunch, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Puffs, some Cookie Crisps, err (my voice begins to trail as I suddenly realize the true nutritional value of cold cereal and I think to myself "or you could just have some brownies broken up with milk poured on top") (I glance over and see some bananas) "Hey Jaxt...what do you say to a banana and a brownie?" (He whole heartedly agrees and I feel justified...at least he got a serving of fruit,right?)

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Terrible Twos (well, kind of)

My friend Anna and my friend Mandy both sent me this little survey the other day so I decided that I might as well post it with the possibility that someone may find some amusement out in it all. Here it goes...

Terrible Twos Survey

Two Names You Go By:
1. Van
2. Maaawwwm!

Two things You Are Wearing Right Now
1. A Bra
2. And Shoes.......and that's it: ) j/k

Two Things You Want in a Relationship:
1. deep, real, and meaningful bestfriendship
2. and bring on the laughs!

Two of Your Favorite Things to do:
1. Be with my Boy and baby girl
2. Reminisce

Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment:
1. I'd love to get to hang out with all of my friends right now and all of the funny people I've met throughout my life. (I miss you guys: )
2. I want to be able to sing at the top of my lungs while playing a really awesome song I've written on my guitar and have it actually sound good: )

Two names of pets you had/have:
1. Bubbles (my first kitty; not a big cat person anymore however)
2. Kynoah (my dad heard that dandelion leaves were good for parakeets....apparently they aren't....I found him lying dead in the bottom of his cage...one sad day) *do you remember kynoah laura?*

Name two people who will fill this out first
1. Ruthio ; )
2. Everyone...come on guys: )

Name two things you did last night
1. Got to be with all of my super rad family gorging ourselves at the Olive Garden
2. Helped Chad pick out the coolest looking characters when he'd get to buy them on guitar hero III.....and I got to snuggle with my awesome baby emers!

Name two people who you live with
1. Chad
2. and Emyri..........of course

Name two people you talked to last
1. (besides the usual Chad, Emyri, immediate fam....) I got to talk to Mandy H. who just back from her mission to brazil (she is one awesome girl)
2.and Dallin Olsen (still happy as ever and working at the town library....he loves it! : )

Name two things you will do tomorrow
1. Play a little lawn frisbee with my husby (lately we've been on a little frisbee kick while emyri plays around outside....goodtimes: )
2. exercise (is it weird that today Chad and I ran relay laps around my house for our workout because we forgot our stroller so we didn't have anyway to bring emyri on a real jog?)

Two favorite holidays
1. Christmas (it's the most wonderful time of the year, right: )
2. it's beginning to be Halloween simply because I love watching how excited chad gets about it all....he's definitely in to the scary season.

Two favorite beverages:
1. Ice cold water (I honestly love it)
2. and hot chocolate with marshmallows (mmm mmm good)

Thanks for humoring me folks....now it's your turn. TAG you're it!

This is just a random but really cool picture that Chad took of emyri and I. I found it while looking for some of the pictures for this post. Pretty neat huh: )
(this looks so much better unpixilated...sorry)

Monday, November 5, 2007

What the....?

I'm actually making a post because I have a little time on my hands right now....and why does she have a little time on her hands right now you might ask. Well it all started when I woke up this morning and got ready for my 7:45 class. I didn't wake up until about 7:10 so I was bookin' it getting ready. Then I hurried outside to see if my ride was ready or not, we're currently down to one car because of a broken belt in our other one that we keep putting off getting fixed because it'll cost us 80 bucks. I get a ride with Anna's husband Aaron, so I keep watching for him a waiting....by now it's 7:36 and no Aaron. So I run inside tell Chad that I'm just going to have to take the car and then leave class early to come pick him up for his next class. Then I head for the door, making a quick stop to fill an empty milk jug up with hot water, our newly found way of eliminating frosty morning windows in less than half the time (I should advertise: ), then I rushed for the car, doused the windows with the scalding water and was off in a jiffy. (what a funny little saying "off in a jiffy"; do you suppose we got that from the british?) Anywho, so I'm doing good, hitting all the green lights, but it's still about 7:47 by the time I pull up to campus....but something seems awry when I pull into the what is usually a very crowded and busy parking lot even at 7:45 in the am but is now a very desolated empty one. What the....? Sadly enough, my first thought was, "Is it some kind of holiday or something and I missed it?" "Could that many of teachers really have canceled class all on the same day?" But then I take another gander at our trusty car clock. Could it honestly be so? Did I really forget to change the time on my alarm clock by the bed? Have I sheepishly become another victim to the semiannual daylight savings ritual? And yes folks.....I truly had. And now I'm sitting here by myself in the computer lab with only the early morning janitors in the hall to keep me company. The only good news about this, besides the fact that I was finally able to find a little time to make another post, is that I'm so blasted early to my next class there's no way I'll be late. But yet, this truly is a little blessing in it's sad disguise because I've been trying for over two weeks now to make time to blog, but it's been so crazy busy with homework, calling stuff, mommy stuff, wife stuff, etc. (you all know what I'm talking about....except somehow you still manage to blog: )...my bad) Anyway, I'm glad that I finally get to update you on our lives a little.

Halloween was really fun. Chad is a holiday fanatic, with Halloween being one of his top picks. He's been wanting to be a mad scientist for almost a whole year now...and let me tell you, he ended up being a pretty sweet mad scientist. Emyri and I dressed up as his assistants with me being a gothic nurse and emers being a tiny hunch back named Igor: ) Absolutely hilarious! We had a friend halloween party and all of the little kids were dressed up in these cute little pumpkin, tigger, and cowboy outfits and then there was Igor hobbling around with a massive tumor on her back: ) The party was really fun though. We got together with a bunch of SV friends that are down here and ate pizza, played pictionary, and had donut eating contests. Pictures of all of this and more are on the way. This party was the day before Halloween, but on the actual holiday we got to go to my brother in law and his fiance's party. It was tons of fun too. We ate and talked and ended up playing the newly wed game which was tons of fun hearing everybody's answers. Good times.
This last weekend was really fun too. I was able to meet up with two of my old roommates from Snow and we went with our husbands (and emyri) to the BYU football game. It was the first one I'd ever gone to and I couldn't believe how many people were there. It was tons of fun too. Emyri didn't know what to think of all those people making all that noise at first, but before long she had joined in and was clapping, singing, and dancing right along with them just as if she herself were a raging BYU fan: ) It was so fun seeing Jamie and Courtney. I wished all of my old room mates could have been there. (I was blessed with awesome room mates). After the game we realized that we'd each paid seventeen dollars to pretty much talk to each other the whole time, which was funny, but so worth it. I love those girls. They truly are so awesome. After the game we went to Courtney's little duplex (way cute courtney by the way), and had yummy sloppy joys and talked even more. It really was such a fun weekend and I'm so glad I got to see them again.
Okay, so I have so much more to say and so many pictures to post, but there's a class congregating in here for their 7:45 am class (in reality), and my pictures are on our camera still at home. I'll get 'em out though asap (which is hopefully really soon) See you all, it's nice to be back again. Take care out there!