Tuesday, January 29, 2008

*I stole this from Tatum's blog...hope she doesn't mind:)

These are Chad's responses to the following questions..........

I love to eat – real authentic tacos
I hate to eat - menudo (for the spanish impaired this is cow stomach)

I love to go – to Lake Powelll
I hate to go – out in the cold in the morning and scrap my window

I love it when – "You call me big Papa"
I hate it when – I step in dog poop and track it through the house

I love to see – people fall down (but not when they're hurt)
I hate to see – fat men's harry bum cracks when they bend over

I love to hear – my little girls laugh.
I hate to hear – our upstairs neighbors (if you know what I mean)

I love to touch-water and corn starch
I hate to touch-Cadavers

I love to smell- Homemade bread
I hate to smell- flatulence

I love to think- about graduating and having a home one day...and the summer time
I hate to think- about the money I dont have

I love to read- short stories
I hate to read- text books

I love to watch- movies......pretty much every night
I hate to watch- soap operas

I love to sit-in a hot tub
I hate to sit - in gum

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Love LikeThis!

Driving home from school today this song came on the radio....I've heard it before, but between really listening to it this time and my head boppin' I had flashbacks of my own journey to finding love. Needless to say I was filled with the warm fuzzies and couldn't wait to get home to see my boy: ) (The song reminds me of Chad and I...not so much the music video, but it's still cute: )


(still haven't figured out how to put a youtube video directly on my blog....any help?)

Plus, what songs remind you of you and your boy?

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Holiday Break Down

This holiday break has been so much fun. However, I thought I would for sure find some quality time to blog this break, but somehow we were still busy...but in much more exciting ways than the usual busyness goes. We got to spend most of the break in SV which is always really fun for us. We love getting to be with our families. They are such fun and hilarious people to be with. Good times had by all: ). Christmas was really fun. Emers caught on to the "tearing colorful paper off of wrapped boxes to find exciting and fun things inside" real quick. She got a toy puppy with a leash she can pull it around with, but was much more impressed with the just her size baby stroller she also received. (I noticed Pearl also was a recipient of this awesome gift PMB) It's so fun to watch emyri with her babies. She is already a cute little mother hen who insists on having her babies wrapped in blankets before carried or put in their stroller. She cuddles them, pat's their backs (have you ever noticed how much you tend to pat your baby on the back? Maybe it's just me, but I realized I did it all the time when emyri would start patting Chad and I on the back too whenever we'd pick her up: ) Funny girl), and she's constantly taking off each of her dolls clothes so she can give them a "baf" (bath). We love our baby girl, and needless to say Christmas with her this year was loads of fun: )

We also got to go to my family's Christmas party which is always a blast. I honestly love everything about our Christmas party from the loads of food, getting to chat it up with all of my hilarious cousins, seeing how many new little kids their are, all the way to watching the boys betting on their basketball shots, the pathetic yet funny talent show, participating in the brawl of a game called "the grab bag", and watching grandma take all of the happenings in and realize that because of her and grandpa all of us are there that night having so much fun. My favorite thing this year was being able to share all of this family tradition with Chad. He's been there before, but this year he was comfortable enough to thoroughly immerse himself in all of the mayhem and I loved watching him enjoy it so much. Emyri also had loads of fun running around with the other twenty something little kids.

We're headed back to school tomorrow morning to hit the books again for another semester. I'm coming to the harsh realization that between my 22 hr. a week internship and chad's full schedule of classes and work that I may only get to see my precious husband a few hours a day
...which is already a reality for many of you (I honestly feel for you)...I was just hoping it wouldn't come so soon. Oh, well we'll just have to make the time we do have together high quality fun.

Welp, we'll end the post here with the many faces of emyri (or at least the one face she keeps flashing in every picture we take: ).......
At Missy's (my sister in law) salon After bath time grin...she loves her bath time
After bath photo #two Washing dishes with grandpa....if only I thought washing dishes was that much fun Our pretty girl And last but definitely not least......
Don't even ask.....I'm not sure what in the world she was thinking: )