Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I thought this was pretty neat. This song brings back a lot of memories. And who doesn't love David Archuleta's voice?

I was wondering though how whoever filmed this pulled it off. It looks like the camera was probably in a semi-sneaky spot: ) funny.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Life is Beautiful...

I was tagged so long ago with a "Favorite Things" post; sorry it's been a while kel and karrie....so I thought I'd finally get this post out there, but I want to tweak it a little bit if I may.

We've recently discovered a new found love (some may say "obsession"....sadly enough) for the series "Lost". We made the discovery far later than everyone else who's been ranting and raving about the show since it first began four seasons ago. This means that we've spent the last four months cramming three years of the show into our lives. My point is that I wanted to make this post a tribute to Charlie, one of my favorite characters in the show, by posting "My Favorite Moments" instead of my "favorite things". Those of you who've seen the show will know what I'm talking about. For those of you who haven't seen the show, there is an episode where Charlie, a fun loving Irish member of the band "Drive Shaft", is looking back on his life and in attempts to cherish all the good that his life gave him he scribbles down the five greatest moments of his life with a permanent marker on a piece of notebook paper.

So here it goes.....to Charlie:

1. The moment I let myself love being me.
2. The moment I realized I really did love Chad; I loved him more than I ever knew and I never wanted him to not be a part of my life.
3. The day I wet my pants laughing with Anna; or when we rolled down the mountain on her motorbike because we couldn't make it any farther; actually, that whole summer before our sophomore year is one of my favorite moments (if we can call three months a moment)
4. Being in awkward jr. high, yet getting a card from my older brother Mike that said he hoped to someday find a wife just like me.
5. How proud I felt as I sucked on the worm my brother's dared me to eat when I was little. Even though it tasted like dirt and chemicals I knew they thought it was so cool of me.
6. The day Crystal and I stopped on the side of the road to pick flowers for her mom and sister; the way her nose wrinkled and her eyes lit up when she told me about her secret crushes; and singing to the songs on the radio together on our ride home.....I miss her.
7. The adrenaline rush and excited anticipation I would feel jumping in the huddle before warm-ups for basketball games. (many moments compiled into one)
8. How incredible it felt the night I sang and played my song on acoustic night with the drums, piano, and base behind me; They made that song come alive.
9. The moment Kel started crying with me after I lost the Student Body Elections; that meant the world to me that she would cry right along with me. (I appreciate you so much kel)
10. Kissing Chad for the first time with the snow falling all around us; the incredible and warm feeling I had all the next day.
11. Every moment spent talking and laughing with Melissa...man I am so glad I met you: )
12. Standing side by side right after our wedding hugging all of our friends and family that were there; we were both flooded with an overwhelming love for all of these people that meant so much to us. We were so happy we could share that moment with them.
13. The moment I turned all my pain and heartache over to my Heavenly Father; the moment I knew without a doubt He was there willing to take it for me.
14. The moment I saw my emyri and her little precious body for the first time; I was so happy to finally meet you baby girl: )

I have so many more awesome memories, if only I could write them all. I really hope that in heaven we get to sit down and watch all of the amazing moments in our lives over again. Wouldn't that be the best: ) I love life....it really is so incredible to me. I want to live so that every moment will be meaningful. I want to look back and always be able to smile and see that I was able to make a difference for someone somehow.

Life is good: )