Sunday, December 21, 2008

*Random Christmas Post*

I need to catch up on some tags, so here we go.....

I talked Chad into doing an I-verb too. Here's his first

I search: the internet
I wonder: who wrote the book of love
I regret: to inform people of things
I love: my wife and daughters
I care: about our families morale....always trying to think of fun things/tradition to do!
I always: go to bed at night
I worry: that Santa might not be real
I am not: excited for the holidays to end
I believe: in a church that teaches of eternal families...I've never found another one that does.
I sing: ridiculously well
I dance: in the dark....middle of the night...and so forth
I argue: not much
I write: in very poor penmanship
I win: things....sometimes.
I lose: weight when I try
I wish: I could go back and visit where I served my mission with my family
I don't understand: why people always are willing to do tags but not chain letters, which are the same thing. I wonder if they really think bad things will happen to them if they do the chain letter and not forward it to other people.
I can usually be found: at home with the fam.
I need: to be serious more, or so Vandi tells me.
I forget: who I am for a half hour or so everytime Vandi revs up the microwave!
I am scared: the CIA may have put a chip in my brain.
I am happy: I married my wonderful/beautiful wife and that i have a freakin awesome daughter and that I have another freakin sweet daughter coming to the fam in Feb.


I search: for emyri's shoes and tights more often than I like to.
I wonder: how labor and delivery is going to go this time around.
I regret: letting fear keep me from taking the opportunities before me.
I love: more deeply than I ever have before....and it's awesome.
I care: about other people's feelings and perspectives.
I always: put my left hand in my right armpit while I brush my teeth....weird quirk chad makes fun of me for : )
I worry: about emyri being safe at night when I go to sleep....I check on her a lot more than I probably need to.
I am not: hard to please.
I believe: in the power of laughter.
I sing: in the car by myself......loudly.
I dance: with emyri and chad in the front room to our Lifehouse cd.
I argue: rarely.
I write: to express things I can't quite say.
I win: way more than chad does when we play each other in tetris......okay, that's debatable.
I lose: my cell phone frequently.
I wish: heartburn wasn't so annoying.
I don't understand:
I can usually be found: taking care of emers: )
I am scared: for the time when someone I love so much has to leave this earth.
I need: conversation with my chad and kisses from my baby.
I forget: things way too much with this pregnancy. I may or may not be losing my mind: )
I am happy.

Hope everyone has had an amazing Christmas! Love you all: )

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Wowzers! Talk about being a complete blog slacker for the last month. Between the holidays, finishing up school, and my own procrastinations I haven't written in over a month. So regardless, that you have had plenty of time to tally up the votes on baby names twice they are.

10 Brielle
8 Brinnley
7 Ainsley

6 Brooklyn
6 Kinnley
4 Paisley

3 Ali
3 Kinzie
3 Lydia
3 Presley

2 Anna
2 Hailey
2 Harper

1 Erika
1 Hannah
1 Kate
1 Kalli

0 Mariah
0 Maria

and we got....

1 Dagmar
1 Beula

So it looks like we're going to go with Dagmar. j/k We actually really like Brinnley and least those are the two we've been bouncing around the most, so it's funny that they ended up in the top three. We haven't come to a definite conclusion yet....I'm just to crazy indecisive, but oh, well. Sooner or later this child will have a name. Thanks for the votes. It was fun to see what all of you thought. : )