Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In the past week we have found a softball sized raspberry juice stain on the carpet, deodorant stains on the couch cushion, my brand new Scentsty warmer top shattered on the floor, and this morning silly putty completely stuck and soaked into two different blankets and one pair of pajama bottoms. I won't mention any names.....

but the little culprit has had quite a week! It's a good thing I love her so stinkin' much.

Besides that, my mind keeps flashing back to younger years when I myself broke holes in the wall, shattered a lamp, smashed a light fixture to pieces, dropped and demolished three different glass dishes in the same dish washing escapade (including a special dish of my grandma's.....sorry again mom), broke a key off in the door lock of a house we were looking after (thanks for only laughing about that dad), backed our truck into somebody's car completely crumpling their door, pulverized a full bottle of ketchup on our new carpet while trying to juggle it (that ironically happened twice and was more my brothers doing, but still), popped a water balloon the size of a large pumpkin in the middle of our living room, along with many many more mishaps and mindboggling catastrophes.

And besides feeling completely embarrassed and humiliated in each of these instances (which for me was punishment enough) I remember feeling pure relief and love when parents who were so wise and so loving and so so so forgiving would give me a hug or laugh and tell me I was more important to them than any lamp or dish (even a special one) or brand new floor of carpet: )

So Mom and Dad, with every new "discovery" I made this week I chose to follow your example. Thanks for teaching me what's most important in life.....and thanks for loving me that much.

by the way....I found this silly putty stain solution online this morning and am going to give it a try. I'll let you know how it works.