Friday, September 18, 2009

Sister's Gotta Hug!

And so as not to exclude precious Brinley girl too....

Tonight Emyri was having a hard time falling asleep because every so often Brinely would wiggle worm (army crawl) her way into Em's bedroom and make her laugh. I'd carry her back into the living room just to find her minutes later peeking her head in Emyri's doorway making her sister giggle her guts out. Even though I should have intervened so Emyri could get some sleep, I didn't, because their squeals and giggles were making my heart melt....and I loved it.

This whole siblingness is incredible. These two little girls love each other in such a way. They look at each other and light up. They roll around together on the floor with pure delight in their voices. I know there will more than likely be times when their looks and tone of voices towards each other will be anything but joyful. But I know they will always love each other so much. There's just something special there and I love being able to sit back and watch it all!

Trying to get Emyri to stop whining. She's getting it and really doesn't whine very often anymore, but I always try to encourage her to use her normal beautiful non-whiny voice. This was our conversation the other day.

-Emyri riding her bike trying to hold a cookie at the same time says in some whiny voice, "Uahhih!"

-I know she is asking me to hold her cookie but I say, "Sorry, I didn't understand. What does that mean?"

-Emyri matter of factly says, "I said 'Will you hold my cookie?' Spanish."

Clever Ems....oh so clever: )

Sunday, September 6, 2009