Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's a......

So I found this cool idea online one day when I was searching for baby shower games for a party I was helping host.

This couple instead of finding out what they were having at their ultra sound had the doctor seal a picture of the baby's gender in an envelope.
The couple gave the envelope to one of their friends who then made them a cake with either pink frosting or blue frosting inside depending on the gender of the baby.
Then they had a get together to reveal the gender of the baby to themselves as well as their friends and family by cutting the cake: )

I was just barely pregnant and thought that would be a pretty awesome way to find out and a cool way to get to share the moment with everyone.

Now I just had to convince Chad.

Well, it took a while (he can't handle waiting for surprises!) but I convinced him and the BIG DAY arrived.

And it was AWESOME!

We were so anxious and excited all day long, and having to wait a little made it that much more exciting. Although after the ultra sound today, Chad could barely contain himself having to wait any longer to find out. : )

We got together with some friends for dinner and CAKE this evening. And it was even more exciting because our friends Rachelle and Nathan (who are expecting the same day we are) were also revealing what they were having.

It was excitement x 2!

I wish somehow all of our friends and family could have been with us tonight to share in the moment. Even just the size of our apartment made it impossible to invite everyone we would have loved to have. But know we miss and love you all and hope doing it this way will at least let you be a part of our moment, even if it is from afar: )

So here is our awesome digitally uploaded fashion.


Oh, and watch the look on Chad's face. He was so surprised!
See, I knew it'd be worth the wait to catch that face on camera: )

(love the classy pose the thumbnail caught me in here.....sheesh)
Oh, and if you don't want to spoil the surprise, watch the vid before scrolling down : )

Our Dr. was pretty humored by our little plan....especially after he knew how anxious Chad was to find out.
He even lovingly titled our baby's man-child parts "Honky Tonker"

Needless to's been one of those good, good days: )