Thursday, February 23, 2012

These little moments.....

Emyri encouragingly says, "Brin you want to try?!" as she hold her arms out to her little sister. Brinley excitedly smiles and ever so trustingly lets her big sister pick her up and lift her little body onto the rubber swing in the Boondocks play place. By the look of anticipation on their faces both of them know Brin is in for the ride of her life. Em pulls her back slowly, then lets her go with a burst of joy. Immediately they both giggle in delight as one sister steps back to watch the other twist and turn and swing. Neither of them can stop the ear to ear grin from spreading across their faces nor the abundance of happy little girl noises erupting from inside of them somewhere.

And I sit and watch in awe through the net barrier between us and soak it all in; the love, the trust, the sharing in each others delights. The smiles, the sounds, the look on their faces and in their eyes. I wonder how this simple moment can mean so much to me, but realize that's what being a mother is all about. These simple moments that reach to your core and speak a million thoughts and feelings all at once.

Heavenly Father knew what He was doing sending us here to families, letting us be parents. My soul has deepened and widened in ways I never even knew existed before I held one of my babies in my arms. My view has grown and grown and only continues to grow. My eyes are opening into His eyes, what He sees and how He loves. And I'm so thankful for the chance.