Monday, March 5, 2012

Isn't the fact that we can sit at a screen in our own home and connect with people and stories and experiences from all over the world pretty incredible? It's mind boggling if you actually think about it, but I just wanted to share some things I've read lately that have inspired me and changed me for the better.

The first is from a friend of mine from Snow College. She is pretty amazing if you ask me and her little family has taken on an adoption adventure that is completely inspiring. Read there story here. You can go back through her blog to read older posts up until her newest posts. I'm so excited to see their journey unfold. They remind me that you can do GREAT things in this life, even when you are young and that if you will follow the whisperings in your heart miracles will follow.

The next is another adoption story I came across. It's written so beautifully and brought a perspective and understanding that my heart and mind hadn't considered before. Read it. It's amazing. Start here and then click on "newer posts" to get the full story. It has 5 parts.

And finally, I came across this post on a blog I frequent. It's a story that speaks a lot to my heart. I get it. And I love it. She explains so much in a simple story and I'm grateful I had the chance to read it. Go ahead and check out her entire blog and story. You won't regret it. She is an amazing person who has been through and overcome so much. I don't even know her, but I want to be more like her.

Oh...and this is pretty awesome too: )

What have you read lately (or not lately for that matter) that's inspired you, changed you, reached you? I would LOVE to know, so seriously go ahead and share! : ) Love you all whoever and wherever you are.