Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer 08

Wow! Talk about being blogger absent. I decided to make this post a kind of all encompassing massive update of our fun filled summer. So here it included: )

We started off the summer with another sweet trip to Lake Mead. This time with even more friends and even more food. In fact, way too much food. Next time we'll have to plan better. We had the house boat stocked for the second coming. It was such a fun week though with tons of laughs and good memories. We were even able to pull off nap time with four pak-n-plays side by side and two kids sleeping on the bunk bed. It was quite a feat: )

Here's the house boat

Emyri chillin' on the beach probably pointing at something cool: )

We managed to build a ginormous slip and slide water jump on our beach...thanks to Kade working on it from the second we got there. Chad and I got the idea from youtube (who'd a thunk). It wasn't quite as cool or effective as this or this, but it was still a source of pure entertainment and enjoyment. Here is Aaron dying laughing at Matt going down head first.

Chad showing off the jump at the end of the slide. Needless to say, it was a fun little ride: )

A few of the kiddies....Kash, Austyn, and Emryi. (somehow I missed getting pictures of Hallie and Dayton and Cooper...sorry guys) And no, Austyn's hair isn't usually like that, it was a really windy day.

All the boys settling down for the night: ) j/k
Although we did fit 11 people in the house boat one night, the boys didn't really have to cuddle up that close: )

Emyri and Kash crackin' up as usual.

Chad and I shared a romantic walk on the beach

Chad's awesome picture of Kade spear fishing from the beach.

And last but not least...our baby beach sumo

Okay, so much for massive all encompassing update. More like massive one tracked lake mead post. I've been going at this for over an hour, so I'll continue this update later. I hope you all at least enjoyed the low down of Lake Mead. So, until next time.

to be continued...