Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A while ago, I sat on my couch by our big glass back doors.
The sun was shining through the windows landing on the carpet below.
I love days like that day.
But as I looked closer, I could see something else.
As the light flooded the glass, I could see a hundred little fingerprints.
I began twisting my head this way and that, and from every angle I could only see more and more fingerprints.

Now, I was not really surprised.
I gave up a long time ago trying to keep those doors spotless.

Or did I ever try?

Regardless, those fingerprints on that day were teaching me something other than
"Sheesh, lady! Get out the Windex and clean the windows already!"

I thought about something Brother Bingham had said while he stood in front of us Snow college students to give a talk on the one year anniversary of his seventeen year old daughter's death.

"I used to think God kind of watched us from a bit of a distance and didn't do much for or against us unless we asked for it in one way or another. Now, while I do believe he allows us our agency, I believe He has a plan both micro and macro. And we often cannot see His hand in our daily lives....but if we look a little closer we shouldn't miss recognizing all the fingerprints He's left behind."

It's was during that time in my life, my first two years of college, that I started to really recognize Heavenly Father's fingerprints; the way He was orchestrating my life.
The timing of events and experiences, the people brought in and out of my life, the placements, the thoughts and feelings that would press my heart and mind, the lessons I was internalizing.
Coming to know He loved me enough to be active and present in my life left me awe struck and amazed.

"Why would He do that for a young girl like me?"
Instead, I came to see, "Why wouldn't He, after all I'm His young girl, and after all isn't it His work and His glory to bring to pass the immortality of man....of me?"

I've been thinking about this a lot; God's fingerprints; His hand in my life.

And ever since I heard this talk, I've been wanting to record the experiences where I've seen His hand in my life in one spot; a book of fingerprints.

I've also wanted to share some of those experiences with you here.
I originally wanted to write a daily post about His hand in my life, but as the days have passed and I've been writing some of these experiences in my journal I've recognized that a lot of these experiences are too personal and even too sacred to share with the whole world.


There are some I can share and want to share with you, so I will: )

In fact, I think it'd be pretty amazing if you started sharing some of your own "God's Fingerprint" stories too.

Now, that would be good reading: )

While I don't believe every single coincidence in our life is an act of God, I do believe that there are specific and meaningful, even very personal "coincidences" that truly are His hand, showing us He is right there. And He has been all along.

I know you've had them. I know you know they feel different. There is more going on than what appears at first glance, and if we'll turn our head this way and that and "look a little closer we shouldn't miss recognizing all the fingerprints He's left behind."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


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Monday, February 14, 2011

You Are.....

You are my summer evenings
You are my sunny day
You are my light that's shining through
when all the skies are gray

You are my late night laughter
My smiling 'til it hurts
You are my pillow talk
My randomness in spurts

You are my complete comfort
My constant through it all
You are my open arms
My safe place to fall

You are the music in my heart
That reaches to my soul
The notes that fill my eager ears
The sound that makes me whole

You are my spontaneity
My kissing in the rain
You are my buzzer beater
in last seconds of the game

You are my great adventure
My whole hearted 'risk it all'
You are my best friend forever
my rock, my bridge, my wall

You are my brilliant future
Just waiting to unfold
You are my warmest blanket
for when my feet are cold

You are my precious moment
My 'take my breath away'
You are my look across the room
My 'words can never say'

You are my wild wind storm
My bursting into laughter
You are my everything
My happy ever after...

Happy Valentines Day C-Dub! I love you more than air.

(Don't hate me for posting these pictures)


Monday, February 7, 2011

Say What?! The 30 day challenge is to be done in 30 not 90 days? My bad.

Day #12- how you found out about blogger and why you have one...

I found out about blogging from this lovely lady and life long friend about two and a half years ago or so and thought to myself....

"What? A place to write what I think and feel about what's going on in my world? Awesome."

And so it was....and is.

In seventh grade, Mr. Saberon's class opened me up to the world of poetry and writing what you feel on paper. It was magical to me. It still is. So I keep writing...much less than I actually want, but still I write. And I hope I'll always write because everybody has a story to tell and no one will know all the mystery and amazement that is your life if you never speak it out loud. (Or more often in my case, write it out loud.)

I hope you'll keep writing too....writing real, writing you, because I love you and I love all you have to think and feel and say and share.

And that's that: )