Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some of the things we love lately....

Toddler Websites!



Working Out! (surprisingly: )
I'm looking almost as good as this guy: ) J/K Chad's been so awesome about getting up at 5:30 every morning so he can lift weights before work. He'll even get home from work sometimes and want to go run or get in another work out. And I know he'll be embarrassed by me saying all of this, but he is getting pretty ripped. If he'll let me I'll post some before and after pics we took of him. They're pretty awesome.
As for me, I'm just excited to be able to run again. I've missed it. Anna and Gina talked me into running a 5k with them last saturday and even though it pretty much kicked my trash (sad I know), it was fun. Maybe I'll get some weight lifting in sometime soon to. Babysteps though folks....babysteps.

With a toddler and newborn in the home this item is self explanatory isn't it? It still never ceases to amaze me how many outfits newborns can completely obliterate during a 24 hour period. Wowzers! : )

Becoming a Disciple by Neal A. Maxwell

I came across this talk the other day. Really it's a perfect explanation of so much that's been on my mind for a long time now.

Be assured that God is in the details and in the subtleties of the defining and preparatory moments of discipleship. He will reassure you. He will remind you. Sometimes, if you’re like me, He will brace or reprove you in a highly personal process not understood or appreciated by those outside the context." Neal A. Maxwell-


Humorous and helpful : )

Ice Water

We love it. We can't get enough of it. Al and Teresa actually have ice (something we failed to ever have handy in Rexburg) so we are constantly sipping our refreshed little hearts out. Three cheers for water on the rocks!

Hanging out with these two!

p.s. sorry about all the crazy spacing and font sizes.....not really sure how I pulled that off, but can't seem to unpull it so....oops.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Wow! A whole month without a post. My bad. Between finishing up a semester, going on a week long vacation, making a last minute decision to move home for the summer, and settling in here I have totally neglected my blogging responsibilities. But I'm back.....and I've only had a hundred posts running around in my mind over the last 30 days. I'll wait to post pictures of our vacation and the rest of the going ons in April. Instead I'll just let you in on some of the thing that have been on my mind since I posted last.

ouch! Why is it so hard for me to say goodbye? The more I love you, the more I will avoid telling you goodbye. But that comes off as not even caring about you at all and I hate that. Why am I afraid to feel the discomfort and reality of goodbye? And even though I'm not good with goodbyes, Chad is worse. *remembering when we had to say goodbye before he left on his mission. I've never seen him cry harder. (he's going to hate me for posting that)

We are probably the absolute best procrastinators when it comes to big decisions. Can't figure it out? Just wait until the very last minute....we work better under pressure I guess: )

I miss you Rexburg. I miss you friends.

I still love you SV evenings....and I'm sure I'll never stop loving you.

Wow! If taking care of two kids takes this much time how am I ever going to get anything accomplished beyond getting us all dressed and ready for the day, fed, and napped? Seriously. *this was one of those overwhelming parenting days.

Today was so much better. It's not that I was purposely trying to do it all on my own. I just forgot I didn't have to. I believe in the power of prayer. I know it's real. *that day I got the van vacuumed and cleaned on top of getting everyone dressed, fed, and napped. Miracles do happen: )

Brinley must have tummy aches to be screaming like this. And Emyri must have a hard time with all the screaming to be covering her ears and singing at the top of her lungs like this. I feel bad for them both....and myself: )

Chad's early morning hugs before he leaves for work when I am in a sleepy stupor are the best: ) I love that guy!

I have the best family and in laws. I feel so safe and secure knowing that no matter what happens they will always be here for us.

Aleesha is honestly one of my greatest heros. I can't keep up with all of her giving and loving. I hope she knows how awesome she really is and how much I love her.

The Zoo! What a good idea. *Emyri loved the zoo.

I need to blog.

Oh Grandma Marge. I love you. I'm so glad we named Brinley after you: )

I can't believe how much Emyri loves Halo. She's seriously quite the little hip hop dancer. Note to self: enroll her in dance....she'd love it: )

I really love this song.

I love that Brinley started to really coo and smile and interact on Mother's Day. Happy Mother's day to me.

My heart melted when amidst all the craziness of this years Mother's Day Emyri out of know where looked up at me and said, "Happy Mother's day Mom".

No matter what is incredible and I love being here.