Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Random Sampler

You know sometimes at restraunts they have an appetizer that's named a "Random Sampler". That's what I've decided this post it....a "Ramdom Sampler"; a little of this a little of that, it's all good right: ) I keep waiting for something exciting to happen to blog about, but nevertheless things have been pretty much same-oh-same-oh, besides the fact that we had a community party last night and Chad and I ended up square dancing, something that Chad informed me we would not participate in on our way to the party, and it was actually a blast. Chad even liked it. So hooray for square dancing. what else can I say. Oh, updates on Emyri. She is now 13 months old and cute as a of those really cute buttons. She likes to spend her time giving luvs to my in-laws dog Bosco, dancing to a collection of her favorite tunes including Dora the Explorer theme song, Wonder Pets, and the Elmo song, and she also is huge fan of head banging. Seriously folks it's funny stuff. Sometimes I even have to calm her down because I'm afraid she'll give herself shaken baby syndrome. She's also quite sociable and says "hi" to whoever we're by. I was holding her while looking at some shirts for Chad in the mall the other day. There was this young couple shopping next to us and as soon as Emryi made eye contact with them she said "hi". When they laughed and said "hi" back she proceeded to continue to say "hi", "hi", "hi", "hi", for about the next five minutes. I kind of laughed at first and said, "She's pretty friendly" and turned back to my shopping so as not to make things awkward, but after she wouldn't stop I didn't know what to do. Should I look at them and say something else? Should I just gradually move away? The couple finally left, but not without emyri giving them one last good "hi" before they did: ) She's the kind of kid who really likes to make people laugh and once she's found something funny she'll use it for all it's worth: ) She really is so awesome though. I love getting to hang out with this amazing and funny little buddy of mine all the time!
Well this post is already random so to finish it off, everyone should check out my friend melissa's blog and also her sister Tara's blog. They are two of the funniest bloggers I know and always have something to say that will put a smile on your face. I've already got melissa's link on my blog, but I'll put Tara's on and hope that she doesn't think it's too weird that this person she doesn't know finds her completely hillarious and linked her on her blog. I hope things are going awesome for everyone! Good luck with school starting all! I'm out for now: )

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I feel terrible about my blogging absence for the past...what has it been now...about three weeks. Wow! I've kept putting off posting because I've felt like I've had so much to say that it'll take so long to write, but in actuality I should have just at least been making little posts here and there so I wouldn't feel so overwhelmed with all I was not writing about. Well, I've changed my ways, brought my sister in laws laptop outside along with emyri and plenty of toys to entertain her, and I am dedicating this next however many minutes or hours to complete and publish an entire post no matter what. And right now emyri is sucking on some rocks she found in the drive way while standing on top of her Dora push car about ready to tumble over any second, but I am so dedicated to this post that I'm just gonna let her enjoy her little oddly behaviored self. : ) First things first, I still haven't posted the seven random things about myself that melissa challenged me to do oh so long ago. Mel, I'm not a very fun person to play tag with....I've been it for about three weeks now: ) my bad, hopefully you'll forgive me for my trespasses. Anywho, so I've had quite a while to think of seven random things about myself so here they are take 'em or leave em.

1. I have a semi-secret obsession with the Disney Channel. Does anyone else find the shows they play as entertaining as I do? Among my top favorites are "That's so Raven", "Hannah Montana", Phil of the Future", and "Cory in the House". It amazes me how their simple themes corny jokes and little kid humor captivates me so, but there's no denying it, I seriously find great humor fulfillment in each episode. For those of you who haven't ventured into this funfilled disney entertainment world, you're really missing out: )

2. So when I was a Freshman I was invited to attend a Math competition with the SV team at a nieghboring college. I'm not sure why I was invited, I like math but I'm by no means a genius or anything. Well, the rules of the competition were that we would take a certain number of timed tests throughout the day. For every answer right you would get plus ten and for every answer you got wrong you would get -5, and if you left an answer blank you didn't get any points plus or minus. (or something to that affect). Well, the tests were needless to say pretty tough for a mere freshman and I did leave a lot of the answers blank, but I was quite confident that that ones I did answer had to have been right. We all waited for the tests to be graded and in the mean time ate at the cafeteria, flirted with some boys from other school, I was given the nickname fat veda (another story for another day), and all was well...that was until the results were in. Our team ended up not even being mentioned and the worst thing was that when our coach announced our individual scor\es I had scored an incredible....NEGATIVE THIRTY! Needless to say the kids who were taking this competition seriously were about ready to mutinize (is that a word?) me. But I eventually got over it though to this day I am still a little hesitant in my math skills and also quite calculator dependent.

3. This one is quite embarrassing, only because of the fact that I've had to admit it to not only my optometrist, but 1-800-contacts as of late. The truth is that I've been wearing my contacts that expired two years ago in 2005. Yikes! The thing is that I'm just so cheap that I've kept putting off getting new contacts and despite the fact I'm only supposed to wear one pair for a maximum of three months I've figured why throw them out if their still working and have worn some pairs probably up to around nine months. Man! So I finally went to order some new ones through 1-800-contacts and after calling to verify my perscription with my optometrist they called me back and said "Your doctor said your last perscription expired in 2005, is this true?" I just kind of sheepishly laughed, "Yes, that's true." Well, now I've got to pay for a new perscription and set up another order...crazy stuff huh: )

4. In eighth grade I had this huge crush on this tall, dark, handsome, jock like guy named Jayce. Despite the fact that he openely had a girlfriend who was in highschool and also kind of on the side liked one of my good friends kel, I still thought he was something else. We were in student council together which was definitely an added bonus. There were about ten or so of us in the student council all together and every month or two we'd all take a vote and whoever was voted for was the new president for the next month or two. Well, during the time that this little mishap took place Jayce had been the Pres. for the last month and it was time to vote again for the new president. Well, apparantly I wasn't paying attention, more likely dreaming about jayce, when our advisor announced that we couldn't vote for someone who had already been president, so when we were voting I quickly scirbbled jayce's name on my little unanamous paper, folded it once, and passed it to the front of the class. I sat chit chatting with some of my friends while our advisor tallied up the votes. Suddenly, our teacher must have come upon my little paper with Jayce's name on it because he quieted the class and announced that whoever had voted for jayce again had to come up and vote for someone else. My peers erupted in laughter at the thought of someone dumb enough to vote for jayce again after it had been clearly stated that we couldn't. I tried my best to blend in with their jabbing laughs and looked around the room with my best, "okay, who's the ediot who did it" face, but I'm sure I wasn't fooling anyone because I could feel my face turning bright red. Again the teacher called out, whoever it was just come up here to we can get this over with. By now people were questioning one another, "Was it you?","No, you?". There was no way I was going to walk up there to the front of the room and admit to everyone that I was the love strucken ediot who'd voted for the same dreamy guy twice. The heavens must have looked down upon me that day with pity because just at that moment the bell rang and I bee-lined my awkward eighth grade body out the door, never to reveal my embarrassing secret for as long as I lived.....or until today that is: )

5. When I was little, the only logical conclusion I could come up with concerning how babies were made was that people got pregnant by kissing each other. And man, I seriously believed it too. You should have seen me once the boys in my grade started thinking kiss tag was fun. I'd run my little guts out before I'd ever get caught. And after making a mad dash away from some stinky boy I'd look back and feel so sorry for those girls who were somewhat speed challenged and who'd end up getting kissed. It wasn't until I realized that the girls who had got kissed weren't suddenly having babies that my theory was in fact false.

6. I sometimes have an overwhelming urge and desire to be in a punk band or some really cool alternative band singing and playing my heart out on a mic and guitar in front of hundreds of people. Really though, I can't imagine how much of an adrenaline rush that would be. How awesome would it be to have your song be the song that stuck in people's heads all day at work: ) Then I could wear some really crazy off the wall clothes and people would think it was cool rather than just wierd or untasteful: )

7. I'll end here with a fond childhood memory. Does anyone else remember jumping on their tramp with their little brother and thinking that it would be cool to throw dog food up on the slanted roof then lay down with your mouths wide open to see how many you could catch in your mouth? Those days were the best weren't they: )

Here's to becoming a more dedicated and more frequent blogger in the future....cheers!