Friday, January 22, 2010

First Concert Recap

Chad, in his gift giving awesomeness (seriously....he is waaay better than me at giving the perfect gift!) gave me tickets to a Safety Suit concert for Christmas. I was sooo excited. Ever since I discovered them this last summer, I have loved pretty much every one of their songs. And the fact that they began as just this group of friends who in college decided last minute to sign up for a Battle of the Bands and ended up winning to having their song "Stay" hit number one on the VH1 top 20 list this last summer is pretty awesome to me. Needless to say, I like the bunch:)

Sadly enough though, I'd never even been to a concert besides once at our county fair. Oh and there was that other time when us hopeless romantics traveled like groupies cross country (well to Utah) to over excitedly catch up with Colors when they played at the Farmington County Fair. Goooood times, but not necessarily true blue concert attendance. So I was even extra excited that my first real concert would be to someone like Safety Suit.

Regardless of my butterflies....which came from a mixture of rushing to get down to Utah, worrying that Brinley might cry for Chad's mom the entire time we were gone, and all the anticipation of my first concert, we had so much fun.

It was actually a pretty small concert which I loved. And we found the best spot, this raised metal countertop thingymajig that we hopped up on to sit and watch. There wasn't seating, and we realized after standing through the first opening band that we, or our backs, weren't going to last through the next four hours, so Chad scoped out the spot and we took it. I kept waiting for someone to come tell us we had to get down, but it never happened. In fact a little girl about 8 or 9 who was super excited about one of the local bands ended up sitting by us through their performance so she could actually see.

In my concert newbness I figured they wouldn't let us bring cameras in. Sheesh was I wrong, even the band members were whipping out their Flips and filming the crowd. So no pictures. Totally regretting that, but it is what it is: )

We even found a new band that tickled our fancies....they were the opening band that Safety Suit brought with them on tour called "The Rouge". Honestly, I probably wouldn't have liked their music as much had I not seen them perform it, but they were soo entertaining and soo talented. Two thumbs up for "The Rouge".

We returned home, well to Chad's mom's house, to two sleeping girls who had done amazingly well without us. Who needs parents anyway, right: )

And I fell asleep to the sound of ringing in my ears....and didn't even mind. First concert. Victory.


Jamie Blake said...

Never even heard of that band until now! I'll definitely have to check them out! :)
and, oh, I remember the days of Colors. That was so fun.

Karrianne said...

How awesome! What a fun date! I keep trying to find a fun concert for me and Blaine to go to, but so far the dates or places have just not worked out. Glad you had fun, I'll have to look up that band.

Jake and RaNette Free said...

Way Cool! I've been you-tubing them for a half hour now, and lovin it. Another friend of mine went to the same concert for the soul purpose of seeing Rogue. haha. Glad your first concert was SUH-WEET!!!

proudmamablogga said...

That's so cool. I'm so happy your girls did well, too. That sounds like a perfect gift.