Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sometimes I get so tired of cleaning. But if I stop it get's too overwhelmingly dirty. I wish we could just go outside, lock the door behind us, push some magical "self cleaning" button, and come back an hour later to find the house entirely deep cleaned and sparkling. That would be amazing! If they figured out how to do it for ovens I'm certain some genius out there can figure it out for houses.

Until then you can find me once again racing around my house with cleaner and rags in hand like a crazy lady.


Anonymous said...

It is called a maid. ha When you find a reasonably priced PLEASE let me know! I hate, no loathe cleaning. ha

Callie Warren said...

Seriously!!!! It feels so good when everything is clean for like 5 seconds until someone messes things up! Its NEVER ending!
p.s. -- I saw those winter bridals your brother took and you are gorgeous!!! Seriously Vandi I have always thought you are so pretty. They turned out really great!

Trevor and Tara Wilde said...

Oh, how I wish I had this as well!!!!