Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Baby Bump

So I entered Z103's baby bump photo contest and didn't make it to the finals, but thought I'd share our pictures anyway: )

They were fun to make.

And can you believe it? Only 9 weeks left 'til little bro-man makes his grand entrance!

I've officially entered nesting mode and am currently taking on reorganization of our entire storage room.

Yeah, pretty sure our front room is a disaster zone, but ahhh the satisfaction of de-junking and organizing.

I think I'm an addict.

And if you wanna go check out the baby bump finalists and cast your vote, you can see them


Camie Rae said...

Dude! Can I just ask how did you not win?! Some of those pictures are AWFUL!! And you're are so SO adorable!! You are so cute! A boy will be so so much fun!

vandi said...

haha: ) Thanks Camie! We're excited to see what this whole boy business is about too.

Hepworth Family said...

I agree with Camie! But I would have voted for you if I would have known. Excited for your little boy to come! :) Hope all goes well for Mom and Baby.

Jen said...

ohh. I am so excited for you guys to have a little man child in your family!! The pictures are so good!

Sarah+Jamason=Tyler said...

CUTE little tummy!!! I cant wait to hold him :)

Cami Jo said...

I cannot believe how tiny and cute you are for being so far along! You look darling!

The Bloom Family said...

That is awesome your having a boy they are fun. I miss you as my visiting teacher companion. You guys still in rexburg? Congrats again on the new addition.

The French Way said...

Such cute pics!!! Oh I can't wait to see your little boy! Your baby bump is seriously adorable!

Molly Dursteler said...

Dear Friend,
Boys are sooooo awesome! I would like to know how to make my blog cute, with the patterns and cute flowers and paper...care to teach a little??? You are the greatest!!! I bet grandma and grandpa are already excited!!!
Love Molly
Oh the girls will totally spoil this one!!!