Monday, June 25, 2007

Here's the crew minus my oldest brother and his wife and of course my mom who is taking the picture. (I'm sure the weird look on my face is from trying to hold in a laugh over something Chad said or did: )

(I know this isn't the greatest picture of emyri and I, but I didn't have many to choose from. I need to take more pictures with her: )

Two weekends ago we got together with my family at Bear Lake. We rented this really fun and cute cabin and had a blast together. It really was such a great weekend. (That's what these pictures are from) One of the highlights of the weekend occurred when my grandma was telling everyone goodbye before she left. She's this cutest little grandma marge who says some of the funniest things and is always so happy. Well my little nephew Jaxton who is 5 said, "Bye Grandma!" as she was walking down the stairs. Grandma responded with a, "Goodbye Doll!" And Jaxton just looked at me with the most surprised look on his face and said in an astonished tone, "She called me Doll!" It was so cute the way he thought it was so funny that grandma had called him Doll. I died laughing...that may be one of those stories that you had to have been there or known the people to think it was funny, but just trust me on this one...: )

Then this last weekend we had a family reunion with all of Chad's dad's family. It was really fun and I got to meet a lot of the family that I had never met before. They all came up here from St. George and spent the weekend. The only bad thing was that one of Chad's cousins and her husband decided to take a four wheeler up this trail by Chad's house and they ended up rolling it. I'm not exactly sure if his cousin hit her head on a rock or if the fourwheeler landed on her head, but she ended up having some severe head trauma and was life flighted to Salt Lake that night. It all happened so fast and was pretty scary for a while. I felt so bad for their two little girls. The five year old kept crying every once in a while because she wanted her mom. They have a one and a half year old also. She was such a good sport but I'm sure she just wanted her mom after a while too. Chad's Uncle Deloyd would call every so often from the hospital and update us on how Kim was doing. Things were pretty uncertain for a while but she's doing a lot better now. She can understand what people are saying to her and isn't as confused anymore. She was also able to get up and walk around after a few days, but she's having a hard time talking and getting her words out. We just hope she'll be able to get back to herself soon. It's sometimes scary how uncertain and fragile life is but as I was thinking about it the night of her accident I kept thinking that Heavenly Father really is in control. Our lives are in His hands and to me that was the most comforting thing.

Anyway life is good and things are going great. I actually worked out this morning and it felt good: )


Mel said...

I can't get enough of little Emyri! She is so cute. I don't have any pics of Parker and I either since I'm always the one taking the pictures.

Beus, did you know you are gorgeous?

Proud Mama Blogga said...

So, does Mike have long hair? I'm trying to figure out who all these people are.

vandi said...

Yeah...Mike's hair is kinda shaggy now. He and his wife are in the back standing by Kade. Blake and Missy and Izaak are crouched at the bottom. We're on the left and the other little kids are my oldest brother's kids jaime, bailey, and Jaxton. Oh and there's papa beus too.

Proud Mama Blogga said...

Okay, I blew up the picture, and I can see it now. Does Emyri have blue eyes? This is all new. I'm so glad you posted that pic. I can't believe how gorgeous you and your fam are.