Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Some Thoughts I've had Recently

Should I be more concerned that my nephew just pushed my daughter down the stairs? (It wasn't really that bad. It was only down the last three steps. But pretty much he was just curious as to what would happen if he were to give her a little nudge. It resulted in him being in some major trouble and asking emy if it would make her feel better if he took her to mcdonalds with them. She enjoyed her fries, but still flinches every time Jack gets a little too close.)

Did that seriously just happen? Did my baby just actually drink the remaining contents of the almost empty beer can she found in my step father in law's garbage? What the?!? Do I need to be concerned about what that may be doing to her body? What kind of mother am I considering I was right there typing on the computer not paying attention enough to notice my toddler was consuming alcohol? Needless to say after removing the booze from my child's paws I hurriedly looked up online whether or not I should be concerned, I removed emer's beer stained clothes, gave her a bath, and didn't mention a thing to anyone until Chad got home. Upon sheepishly telling him in private he burst out laughing and proceeded to relate the story to his entire family. I was embarrassed, but all things considered, it is a pretty hilarious story: )

(upon walking in the front door...) Sweet! He cleaned the house! He's the best!.....sniff, sniff,.......but what is that awful smell? (then entering the kitchen....) beans.....nasty, stinky beans. (I remember all over again why I dislike them so) But hey, the house looks great!

Why is it that whenever I start cooking dinner I end up cleaning the entire kitchen instead! It may lie in the fact that I like to do things that I know I can actually accomplish. It's hard to find satisfaction in something that I am so terrible at. I may be the worst cook in the midwest, maybe in the entire west.

Is cold cereal considered a decent enough meal?

I can't believe Chad won the photo contest!...and when I say"can't believe" it isn't referring to his photography ability....it's just that we really needed that 100 dollars right now. Once again...we are looked out for by someone so much greater than ourselves.

Pretty sick! How odd is it that a goat's milk tastes like a goat smells.....and for those of you who just haven't ever had the invigorating experience of taking a whif of a goat, let me just tell you....it's not pleasant.

(this was more of a conversation/string of thoughts) "No Jaxton (another nephew), you can't have a brownie for breakfast." (I open the cereal cupboard) "Why don't you have some cereal instead. Look, you can have some Captain Crunch, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Puffs, some Cookie Crisps, err (my voice begins to trail as I suddenly realize the true nutritional value of cold cereal and I think to myself "or you could just have some brownies broken up with milk poured on top") (I glance over and see some bananas) "Hey Jaxt...what do you say to a banana and a brownie?" (He whole heartedly agrees and I feel justified...at least he got a serving of fruit,right?)


Mel said...

Beus, your little girl is drinking booze? HAHA! Have I ever told you how much I love reading your blog? I'm with you Vandi, I can shove down the sugar cereal faster than most linebackers.

I think Mr. Chad needs to post pictures of his prize winning photos. Are they the ones of you with Em? He's got some skills!

ProudMamaBlogga said...

The sugar cereal one is good. I probably would have freaked if I saw Pearl drinking the booze. But it's very very funny, and she'll love that story for her whole life.

I want to know if she liked it. Judd gave Pearl some Ruby Red Squirt (when i was not looking!), and she LOVED it. I should have known...she gets her taste from Pisces.

Laura said...

I laughed about the beer. It would have freaked me out too. I am glad that she is okay and that hopefully there wasn't too much in it.

My DH and DD love the sugar cereals the best too. That is all they will usually eat for breakfast.

Matt & Tay said...

Hey Vandi, How are you? I found your blog on Courtney Kents page. It is good to see what old friends from Snow are up to. If you ever see Anna tell her hi. Didn't they have a baby as well? You're little girl is a doll!

Our Big Happy Family said...

Vandi you handled that very well. I think I probably would have flipped out. Kevin and I have had this talk about visiting his house. It's good that she is a at an age that she doesn't understand, but the thought of if it happens again, what do you do? It has to be scary to be a parent and be responsible for someone elses well being.