Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finally Day 10!

Day #10- songs you listen to when you are happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad:

Man. This is hard. I've been putting this post off all week because I can't figure out a way to not write this huge overly comprehensive list of songs. If you can't tell, I kinda like music. : ) Regardless, here's my best attempt at not completely overwhelming you with the songs and music that make up my world: )

-Pretty much anything by Life House; especially this one, this one and this one lately.

-Pretty much anything by Goo Goo Dolls, but thanks to Lindsey's 30 day challenge I found
Feel the Silence; one I hadn't heard before.

-Return to Eden- Paul Cardall

-Pretty much anything from Safety Suit, but I love this acoustic version of Someone Like You. (so talented)

-J.wride (check out their facebook page; especially Evergreen and Lifeboat and Let Me Go)

-Transcend-Tamar Kaprelian (sorry...couldn't find the version where the audio isn't off)

-Be Still My Soul (and who better to sing it than David church. Who had their camcorder on....tsk, tsk. haha)

-And Journey and The Killers....will always remind me of my Boy; )

And when I'm jammin' out with my girlies...
Something About Love-David Archuleta


Jeana said...

Oh I've so been looking forward to this post. I knew you would have some new goodies for me to listen to. I've found some great tunes from your blog in the past. Listening to each and everyone of them. LOVE the Paul Cardall CD. I listen to that when I run sometimes and it's a whole new experience, like OUT OF THIS WORLD experience.

A & L said...

vandi you are one awesome lady