Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Favorite moments from the last few days....

-Hearing the girls laugh uncontrollably from the other room as they rough housed, climbed on each other, and were thrown about by 'daddy'. They didn't get to see him all day. Pretty sure they missed him: )

Pretty sure I missed him too.

-Brinley consoling Emyri when she was scared in bed tonight. Brin kept patting her on the back and looking her in the face while saying, "But Sisser, Brinley's here." All of this followed by kisses on the hand and cheek.

-The other day Brin hurt her arm and was crying. Em has a hard time when she knows her little sister is hurting. While Chad and I were comforting Brin, Emyri went down stairs and got Brin her favorite puppy and care bear....then a soft blanky...and then the kindle fire: ) She knows how to make a little sister feel ALL better: )

-Me: "Brin, do you love Sisser (Emyri)?"
-Brin: "She's my best friend."

I look at these two little girls and am amazed by the love they have for each other. Of course they don't get along all the time, and sometimes they bug the bu-jeebees out of each other, but when it all comes down to it, they love each with a depth and a fierceness that is incredible to be a beholder of.

I feel so blessed that Chad and I were able to bring them together in this life, to be sisters forever.

So blessed that I get to be their momma: )

Seriously love their guts.


Jeana said...

Simply amazing. I am so waiting to see the relationship of my little girls to unfold, I never had a sister and so I can't wait to soak it all in. They are beautiful, just like their mama.

Jeana said...

You're girls are beautiful is what I was saying...Of course mine are too, but I wasn't saying that about me...ha ha. good thing I read that ;)

Jen said...

Love that pic. They are getting so big! Those sweet sister moments are some of my favorite too!!

Tatum said...

That is so sweet!! Now I want another little girl next!! They are beautiful vandi...I hope your pregnancy with your baby boy is going well, those girls are gonna be the best "sissers" to that lucky one.