Thursday, July 12, 2012

Today has been a long day.
But a good day.
Chad left for the 6th Annual Boys campout this morning.
Boy was that boy excited: )
Brecon came and helped him load the truck and off they went.
I know they're gonna have a blast.....and I'm glad: )

Poor Em's though.
She cried and cried for an hour straight tonight before bed because she missed her daddy so much.
I think she genuinely had that home sick, longing kind of feeling.
I felt bad for her.
We said a prayer and sang some silly songs....
and she's now finally asleep.
It's 10:30.

And I finally get to eat dinner!
Did I mention it's 10:30.
Oh well, such is the life of a mother.
I wouldn't change it for the world: )

The girls and I went to the Osmond Elementary to play today.
My old stomping grounds.
Chad always jokes that Little Chiefs (his elementary mascot) kill Cougars (my elementary mascot) easy, peasy.
I just tell him Cougars stalk Little Chief's and tear there faces off in the night.
So yep.  Pretty much I win.

It was so fun watching the girls play together at the school yard and playground.
They ran through the sprinklers, rode there little bikes around as fast as their little legs would let them, and made up this super awesome game in which they had magical powers and I was the bad witch that stole their baby brother.
Of course I played along and ran away holding Austin while laughing my best evil laugh.
Austin totally nailed his role as kidnapped baby brother.
He's a natural. : )

But honestly, it's hilarious watching Em and Brin play pretend together.  They instantly jump into character. And all the expressions and the commentary......funny, funny stuff: )

After the magical powers game died down in intensity, they discovered the awesomeness of acoustics. We each took turns belting out songs at the top of our lungs in the big entry way of the school building. 
Heck, that entry way even had me sounding good.
They were stinkin' adorable standing on top of their cinder block stages, making up random words to random tunes.
I remember making up the same kinds of songs.

Only with more vertebrata: )

I think Em's song said something about not falling in love with someone you love because your sister loves them more than you.....and Brin's song was an eclectic mixture of completely random words ending with the word NATURE! (sung with both arms reaching out and her head held back).
At least it had some spunk to it.
I think it must have been hip hop: )

While the girls finished up their singing, I layed on the grass with Austin on my tummy and stared into his face.
Man, there is something about looking into this little boys eyes.
He is wise.
So wise.
I can just feel it.

We stopped and picked up snow cones on the way home.
Unfortunately, they didn't accept cards.
And as I was jogging between two different stores trying to find somewhere I could get cash back, while an awesome lady from an old ward of ours who just happened to be there held my baby and watched my girls  (Thank you so much awesome lady!)  I thought to myself....
We go through the chaoticness (pretend that's a word) and all the crazy moments because we love our kids so much.

On the way home, I watched Em and Brin through the rear view mirror as they slurped away on their snow cones and laughed like crazy about something or other.
All the jaunting back and forth between stores...totally worth it.

Yep, pretty good day.

But I'm still gonna miss sleeping by the ol' BFF tonight.
Kinda like that boy.

p.s. Tomorrow's goal: Post Austin's birth story.
Sheesh, he's only three and a half months'd think I'd have it out by now: )


Karri Warren said...

Ahhh. I am so glad that you are back. I love hearing about your adorable little family. You guys are all so stinking cute! :)

Jeana said...

Have definitely been missing you! Glad the fog is starting to clear, I hope you are getting more sleep these days. Those first few months are rough in that department.

proudmamablogga said...

little chiefs can do nothing but cry in the face of a cougar. If they were Big chiefs...maybe. But not little chiefs. I hear Osmond has a fancy shmancy new playset! Drove by the old one in Grover or something. Good to hear from you, and I can't wait to hear the birth story. I mean, I can wait because I know your hands are full, but I look forward to it nonetheless ;).

Also, what if we instituted an annual girls' scout camp? I know, I know, we're all mommies. So maybe an annual girls' scout tubing-of-the-salt or four wheeler ride (wait, probably not a good idea considering our history....). Family BBQ?

McKay and Ashley Pearson said...

You sure got a cute family! :)

vandi said...

PMB, heck yeah for an annual girls campout!!! You're prob right about avoiding the 4 wheeling, but we've gotta throw in some tubing of the salt! I'm totally in: )

And yes, Little Chief's are pansies.