Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lest I forget.

Favorite moments from today....

-Emyri with no forewarning nor hesitation walking straight up to the pulpit and retelling her talk from the Primary program for her testimony during testimony meeting: )

-The content and spirited look on her face as she walked back. priceless.

-Getting to sit by Chad during Gospel Doctrines class for the first time in a year. I just got released from my Primary calling. Loved being able to razz him, poke him when needed, and run thoughts past him. Love that kid.

-Sitting back and watching Brin's hyper self after church.
Good night that girl was on one and it was good stuff: ) I should have been filming. She's into cool head gestures, talking in funny slurred hick accents, and saying things like, "rock and roll!", "big daddy", and "tooter-ma-goots".
(The latter being said almost continually in response to anything. It's her catch phrase. In fact, when she randomly called out "tooter-ma-goots" during dinner at Wingers the other night, Em rolled her eyes and blandly said, "Knew that was coming." We do Brin; know it's coming. And we somehow still think it's hilarious every.time. And the best part is you do too.)

-family dog pile on dad turned into "pretend we're on a mountain".

-Baby brother's continual kicking fest on my ribs all day long.
It's no 60 minute spa massage, but I love knowing he's there, moving, living.....working on his field goal kicking.

-Walking in the front door, home from church, to the smell of my very first crock pot roast cooking away.
Mom, it smelled like Sunday: )

-Tonight, eating a grapefruit with sugar sprinkled on top; just the way my old friend Frank would make them for me when I was little and sitting across from him on his rickety two person table.
Loved every bite.
Can't get enough grapefruit nor the memories: )

-Seeing my two girls take a quick break from playing to cuddle on the couch with their daddy while he rested; smiling and thinking to myself, "Their first love really is their daddy."



Ruth said...

So fun. I love hearing about your kids and the funny things that they do. I skyped through facebook with my sister Reva this past weekend and Kalli and Kayden loved it so much. It was fun seeing their cute faces. Hope you are well. Love ya.

Cassott Kinghorn said...

cutest family EVER! I'm so excited to have you in Relief Society :D

Richard and McKenna said...

Love it :)